I'MM_ Medialab (HR) MMessy Oscillators

MMessy Oscillators is a band that performs experimental electronics, field recording
and drone music. It was created as an outcome of the music section of I’MM_ and has had to date a number of well-received appearances at festivals and in Zagreb galleries. MMessy Oscillators mostly uses DIY instruments like theremins, oscillators, DIY synthesizers and effects.

band members: Ana Horvat, Tin Dožić, Ksenija Ladić, Ivan Jovanovac, Andro Giunio, Ivo Korečić, Maja Kalogera, Ana Dumbović, Matija Vojvodić, Vana Gaćina, Luana Lojić, Hrvoje Spudić, Damir Prizmić, Igor Brkić, Gjino Šutić, Deborah Hustić, Miroslav Mrva
VJ-ing: Tanja Minarik

I'MM_ Medialab (HR)

I’MM_ Media lab was founded in June 2011 in Zagreb as part of the programme Culture of Change in the Student Centre. I’MM_ consists of three platforms: a) a hacklab − workshop; b) open weekend workshops with local and international lecturers/hackers/artists and c) a media lab (theory, curatorial practice, lectures by international experts / speakers in the area of intermedia arts). The I’MM_ project has rapidly become recognised as a must on the domestic and international scene, the objectives of it being the strengthening of artistic and curatorial praxes and the opening of programmes for the education of the population at large, enabling a greater number of multilayered cooperative ventures and coproductions among the participants themselves following the concepts of open source hardware, shareable and crowdsourcing. I’MM_ organises workshops for young and old, professionals and enthusiasts, artists and scientists, hackers and designers, engineers and architects. The objective here is to create new realities of intermedia and new media practices, in line with world trends such as DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others), hacking and inter-leafing of high technology with lowtech. I’MM_ is composed of several sections: hands-on electronics, biohacking, audio section, art section (visual art, installations, net art, intermedia art, new media art), VJing, 3D printing, Balkan rocketry, robotics and wearable technology.

Workshops: Artduino presents you with Arduino, Hackteria DIY biolab, Theremin, Basics of Electronics, Neanderthal electronics – Sound Box, Electronic Creatures – Solar Robotics, DIY Arduino − Arduino from Scratch, 3D printing − Ultimaker, Digital botanics, Agar is the Media, Arduino Programming, BioHacking Vs. BioPunk, Electronic Miniatures and so on. Festivals: Velesajam kulture, Kiblix & MFRU, Pedalafest, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Ganz Novi Festival, EEII, Free Festival, HomeMade, Device_art 4.012 ...

Concerts of Messy Oscillators: as guests of Cirkulacija 2 in the Mochvara Gallery, June, 2012; Greta Gallery, June, 2012; Ganz Novi Festival, September, 2012; Device_art 4.012, October, 2012; performance as support act for Tides from Nebula (Poland), Man Zero (Croatia) in Mochvara Club, November, 2012; performance with Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr @ Velesajam kulture (Fair of Culture), December, 2012, Club SC.

Hrvoje Spudić studies architecture and is into DIY electronics and photography. He is one of the technical advisers of I’MM_ Media lab Culture of Change at the SC. He takes part with his works at exhibitions, concerts and presentations of I’MM_ lab, and with his Scanner Camera work took part, as I’MM member, in Device_art 4.012.