Wang Yuyang (CN) Relationship

Motors, LED light tubes, computer and cable; 2018

Sets of light tubes are placed in an orderly way in the center of the floor. When the exhibition begins, each light tube moves in a different direction, to the front or rolling to the back, or rotating. Driven by a computer program inside the light tube, the original form is broken by each spontaneous command. As live objects, the tubes seek balance, conflict, and harmony. A new relationship is created. The cable plays an important role as well, lighting up the tubes, contributing to the movement and to the establishment of a new relationship.

Wang Yuyang (CN)

Wang Yuyang (b.1979, Harbin) graduated from the Chinese Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The artist currently lives in Beijing, where he has been teaching at the School of Experiment Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts since 2008.

Wang Yuyang’s work is as much an intellectual pursuit of the real as an investigation of material potentials through which the real may manifest itself. His work intuits the emerging dynamics in the making of reality in which humans and things form “networks or assemblages across which agency and even consciousness may be distributed” (David Joselit and Hal Foster). It unveils the animate materiality of the thingness as the linking of interobjectivity. He has presented his work across the globe, in Hong Kong, Baku, Shanghai, Karlsruhe, Basel, Taipei, Beijing, Maastricht, Seoul and other cities.