Shir Handelsman (IL) Every Part of My Body Is a Miracle

HD video, 3-min loop; 2018

The video deals with the modern viewer’s perception and consumption of visual images. The three WFF stars shown in the work are exhausted, in the specific physical state and position of artificial TV fights. While the viewer watches the homoerotic scenes, which reveal the false facade of man’s frail, defeated body in his soft, weak moments, a woman in the background describes a traumatic injury to her genitals caused by a difficult pregnancy period. The various possible connections emerging from the two narratives raise questions on the relationship between visual image and sound – How does one influence the other? What kind of hierarchy exists between them? A new and unexpected narrative is born through an encounter between them.

Shir Handelsman (IL)

Shir Handelsman was born in 1989. He graduated from a BFA program at the Department of Multidisciplinary Art, Shenkar College, in 2018, specializing in video, sound, drawing, sculpture, and installation. In 2017, he attended an exchange program at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris, France. Shir began his professional career as a musician, saxophone player, and performer. He has participated in various ensembles and jazz orchestras, and composed music for theater productions. After completing his military service as an Excelling Musician (2010), Shir began his BA studies in literature and philosophy at the Tel Aviv University, which he graduated with honors (2013). His works have been exhibited at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg gallery (Denmark), BF Artist Film Festival VIII (UK), Steinhardt Museum of Natural History (Israel), Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and elsewhere. In his works, Shir explores the relations between sound and visual images by using human encounters and situations that become surreal and absurd. He creates damaged sound machines, visual disturbances, and image manipulations in order to expose disruptions that also exist in intimate human relations. He lives and works in Tel Aviv.