Škart (RS) Domino Dance

Audio installation, 2009

Two months of life among the residents of the retirement home Peppie Close in Hackney was the first outreach venture of the organisation Space Gallery into the communal and public space of London. The community of retirees, in this case exclusively black immigrants from the West Indies, preserved the experiences of the first post-war wave of immigrants and finally obtained their own co-tenant/archivists.

London houses, factories like looking, Red brick chimneys our lives are cooking

Domino-rat, which they play on Friday nights; behind the coded stone messages (Domino life, from zero to six / Not much to count, not much to fix) whole strategic recipes are concealed (I'm winnin' when not thinkin' / I'm losin' when I'm choosin'). The conversations, transformed into illustrated couplets, became a part of the interior of the home of the retirees, and a trace of the presence of a generation which put its dreams into the building of a new world. The West Indian retirees now proudly lead each guest from slab to slab and show their preserved words.

If chance to turn back the clock, Me stay home: same beach, same rock

organization: SPACE Gallery, London
space: Peppie Close, Hackney, London
associates: Sophie Hope, Sheila Louis
audio editing: Filip Zarić

Škart (RS)

ŠKART group, founded in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia, is functioning as an on-going productive conflict of poetry, architecture, graphic design, mixed media and social activism. After the first 10 years of street actions (Your shit = Your responsibility, Survival Coupons, Nothing for Beginning, etc.), the group launched a long-term process of initiating and developing new collectives and networks, such as: - choirs (open for all - singing their own songs at public rehearsals: Horkeškart, Proba, Deca sa meseca) - embroidery groups (reusing handcrafting for new social/political artworks; female and male group) - poetry festivals (public training for newcomers and oldsiders: Pesničenje) - kids’ poetry &music shows - schools’ poetry class-attacks-performances, workshops and shows ŠKART has performed, workshopped, exhibited and lectured worldwide (Europe, America, Asia).