Sonja Vuk (HR) What Game Are You Playing 3

Interdisciplinary project, 2013

What a game you are playing 3 follows the theory about aging that interprets it as eternal development. Accordingly it offers the learning of a communicational technique that can bring about a change in old patterns of behaviour and the encouragement of new decisions, from which new feelings, thoughts and behaviours can stem. By learning a specific therapeutic method, transactional analysis, the examination of and eventual changes in unsatisfactory family relationships are prompted by making the subjects aware of various possibilities of communication. Transactional analysis is a rapid and effective psychotherapeutic method and technique for improving personal functioning and human relationships. As theory of the personality, it provides a structural and functional model of the personality with ego-states and ways in which they can be used. The project consists of four workshops. The themes of the workshops cover family relations and personal fears, which are tested out through the stimulation of creative thinking for the sake of generating more successful communication with the immediate surroundings, emphasising personal value in a social context and empowerment in the sense of taking the initiative in forming one’s own network of more successful and satisfactory relationships.

associates: dr. sc. Lovorka Brajković, prof. psih. & Ines Cokarić, prof. psih.

Sonja Vuk (HR)

Sonja Vuk graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, the Academy of Fine Arts and Art Education in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and did a post-graduate course at the same institution. She completed a master’s course in video and new media at the Academy of Art and Artistic Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is now completing a doctoral course in art education at the Educational Faculty in Ljubljana. She deals with video, social and educational projects, and takes part in numerous exhibitions and video festivals all around the world (for instance, White Columns, New York; International Museum of Women, San Francisco; Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland; Tallin Art Hall, Estonia; Arnolfini, Bristol, UK; Today Art Museum, Peking ).

She won the purchase prize of the University Library for drawing at the 21st Young Artists’ Salon and was awarded at the 9th Sculpture Triennial, Zagreb. Her works are found in collections of the Institute for Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros, Hungary; the International Museum of Women, San Francisco; the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka.