Hrvoslava Brkušić (HR) Conversations

audio installation, 2013

“Please don’t do anything to my wrinkles, it took me so long to earn them,” said Anna Magnani, the Italian actress. The time is propitious for us to become what we are not, to change our face and become what we want to be. This led me to talk with a few women about the idea of femininity, sexuality, acceptance of one’s own body, acceptance of changes to the body as a result of pregnancy, sickness, and age. Different generations, different ideas, different ways of accepting; an identical terror of the passage of time that is inscribed into the body. “It is terrible to see, but if you look at yourself a couple of times in the mirror, you start to accept yourself, you have to.” There was no false compassion, no false empathy. Every act has a consequence, every sentence has some meaning. My role was to be an attentive listener and observer. I think that our thoughts should find a way out, they need to be heard. There are fragments of our conversations in this work.


Hrvoslava Brkušić (HR)

Hrvoslava Brkušić was born in Makarska in 1982. She took a master’s in film editing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and is currently preparing her graduation dissertation at the new media department in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Her artistic practice is embodied in various media – film and video, sound installations and live appearances.