Silvio Vujičić (HR) Studies of Style

Drawings, 2013

People are much more interesting when they are dead. At least most of the ones I have met or am still to meet. I started to think about some people whom I spent time with during my life only after they were buried. At the beginning I thought I hadn’t perhaps given a better relationship a chance, but this turned out to be not true. I went over it and, the people were simply dull. They are much more interesting when they are silent, particularly artists. The world of the dead is fifteen times bigger than that of the life. Irrespective of my thinking there is nothing after death, sometimes in the morning after I have woken up I am glad at the idea that the world of the dead is perhaps a fun place. The works exhibited are my illustrations of events from the lives of people who still surround me. There are just a few individuals who are interesting even now while they are still alive. I decided to record in the form of drawings the way they look at life and its ending and certain events that led them to such a way of thinking. These series of works show motifs like murder, choice of makeup, attitude to food, to sex, dress, the aging of the body and its preparation for a funeral. Some events have not yet taken place, so in this case the drawings are in fact recipes that have been created on the basis of conversation. Studies of Style shows a series of choices or lack of choices from the life of an individual, events according to which he or she consciously or unconsciously builds his style of behaviour and decisions, some of which might seem to the observer to be extravagant (notwithstanding my lack of belief in the existence of the extravagant).

Silvio Vujičić (HR)

Silvio Vujičić took a degree at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and another one at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He has shown his work at numerous collective and solo exhibitions.