The ten workshops cover the most diverse and uncommon and the occasional entirely ordinary activity: from a choir of complaints, a psychological time machine and photography workshop, via writing screenplays, playing, contemporary dance and urban gardening, to talks about intimacy and sex, the making of prostheses and sewing. In the very heart of the show – in 50 square metres of extravagant day care – instant skillshare workshops take place, speed dating, quizzes, listening and watching parlours under the watchful ear of the resident festival DJ. But why should there be so many activities, why is there urban gardening at a festival of contemporary art?

On average, a visitor will spend just a few second in front of an object exhibited in an exhibition venue. The venue is usually a space through which one passes and does not stay, a space for contemplation, not for hanging out and having fun. With the help of a number of experienced leaders of the extravagant workshops, we have drawn up a programme to show the public that it is possible to do just the opposite and that contemporary art does not have to be monumental, autistic, tedious and distant. Community is, on the other hand, a value that still has not gone out of fashion and we want to show with the workshops that the knowledge that the elderly can give us is of great value. Creative interpretation is a free zone to which we all have the right: and so it is perfectly okay to say “I don’t know”, “I don’t get it”, “teach me” and of course “I don’t like it”, irrespective of years. We are never going to be offended.

With One Foot in the Dance

creative movement workshop

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Blue Suede Shoes

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DEATH with a lot of humour

photography workshop

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Photographed - documented

Documentary photography workshop

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The Extensions of Man - Hacking The Body - Prosthetics

DIY prosthetics wprkshop

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Urban gardening workshop

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Walk in Old Shoes

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Complaints Choir

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