Questions that stray along the triple border of film, medicine and philosophy will not get answers − not because philosophy and feature films are here to raise questions, but because even the most exact of the three, medicine, is not all that exact on the issue of the mental. And, after all, sometimes it seems that film knowledge is the only essential knowledge there is − in the context of writing about films especially.

Thursday 21.10.2010.

  • 14:00 A woman under the influence (1974), John Cassavetes 150'
  • 16:30 The tenant (1976), Roman Polanski 126'

Friday 22.10.2010.

  • 14:00 The butcher boy (1997), Neil Jordan 105'
  • 16:00 Woyzeck (1979), Werner Herzog 77'
  • 17:30 Through a glass darkly (1961), Ingmar Bergman 89'

Saturday 23.10.2010.

  • 14:00 David and Lisa (1962), Frank Perry 95'
  • 15:45 Family life (1971), Ken Loach 103'
  • 17:30 Last life in the universe (2003), Pen-ek ratanaruang 103'

Sunday 24.10.2010.

  • 14:00 Opium (2007), János Szász 110'
  • 16:00 Betty Blue (1986), Jean-Jacques Beineix 152'

Hrvoje Pukšec (HR)

Hrvoje Pukšec (Zagreb, 1976) is a film critic and journalist, currently working for Croatian Television as a journalist and editor of a film broadcast Posebni dodaci [Special features]. He has written numerous texts and authored many TV and radio contributions for Vijenac, Zarez, Croatian Radio-Television,, and many other printed and electronic media. He was member of the FIPRESCI jury at Motovun and Cottbus, as well as of the juries of festivals in Croatia: 25 FPS and Dani hrvatskog filma [Days of Croatian Cinema]. During the last few years, before the (always!) earned holidays, he works in the PR team of the Pula Film Festival. He's a proud butler of the kitty Milica, a multiple gaming recidivist, and a never truly realized football right winger.