Ana Fazekaš (HR), Dražen Hižak (HR) Working title: it is not that we want to kill men

an amplifier/becalmer for the feminist propaganda pleseant to the ear


Within the fourth-wave feminist pluralism the number of declared feminists has expanded. However with the expantion of the semantic field of feminism in the context of neoliberal capitalism, hypertrophic individualisation has emerged giving everyone the chance to define her/his own feminism and to take the “true” position between what they consider to be inadequate on the one side and what they consider to be radical on the other. The feminist amplifier/beclamer is an attempt to systematize contemporary levels of feminism on a feminist scale from “minimal” to “maximum” feminism, giving each listener the opportunity to adjust the device to a "station" which is easy on her/his ear and to enjoy in this way hers/his gender awareness in self-controlled doses.

Note: no man was seriously injured while working on this project nor are explicit, implicit or subliminal messages used to foster violence against men.

Ana Fazekaš (HR)

A PhD student of literature, performing arts, film and culture, focused on the research of art theories and practices dealing with topics of gender constructs as well as eros and aggression.

Dražen Hižak (HR)

An electrical engineer and Android developer, with a growing experience in collaborative and solo works on multimedia and interactive installations.