Aleksandra Ana Buković (HR) What moves them?

interactive sound installation

An interactive sound installation consisting of a series of fifteen objects. Within each object is a hidden music box. All boxes are of equal melodies. By intervening on the mechanisms of the music box or by subtracting/sanding of existing cogs that produce tones, the original composition is deconstructed and new, similar, yet different sound structures are created. The audience is directly involved in creating anew different sound images/compositions that are changing depending on the amount and rate of simultaneously activated music box handles. Repetition, sameness and simultaneity of movement through sound indicates unity in the diversity of subtle shades of vibrations that we as individuals activate. The hybridity of the installation is manifested in the combinations of sculptural and painting practices within the reflection on sound object in space.

"The truth is being reconstructed and all tones invisible to the eye are touching the skin."

Aleksandra Ana Buković (HR)

Graduated media art and practices (set design) and art pedagogy, and works as a freelance set designer, costume designer and versatile artist. Butković is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists Rijeka and B.A.K.A., a collective working in the field of audio-visual arts. From 2011 to 2018 she worked as an author on numerous projects, site-specific worshops, solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Butković worked as a set desginer or assistent to set designers with numerous costume designers and directors on plays for the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin, Croatian National Theatre Split, Istrian National Theatre, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, Zagreb Youth Theatre. She is the set designer for plays at Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka: ballet Sex (choreographer Balazs Baranyai), ballet A Midsummer Night's Dream (choreographer Leo Mujić), The Master and Margarita (director Selma Spahić), Omicidi in pausa pranzo / Lunch Break Murders (director Paola Galassi), Beware of the wolf or the little Red Riding Hood (director Giorgio Amodeo), Cabaret D'Annunzio (director Gianpiero Borgia), The Mountain Giants (director Paolo Magelli), Miscellanea (director Mario Brandolin). She is also the costume designer and set designer for short films: Sweet Sunshine (director Goran Nježić), Lunchtime (rdirector Kristina Barišić) as well as music videos: Vvhile things – VVhile, Penalty for violation – Zarkoff and Cyborgs on Crack, N'Écoutez Pas Tous Les Conseils De Vos Ami – Le Chocolat Noir, Waves – Punčke.