Short Circuit

Short Circuit is the continuation of KONTEJNER’s work with art history and art students in which we provide an opportunity for gaining practical knowledge in the field of art intersecting with different science fields, ranging from humanities to natural sciences.

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The interdisciplinary project Short Circuit has been built upon the idea of ​​introducing students into practical multi-disciplinary work through an intensive workshop where students of different professional and scientific backgrounds design and perform one or more group projects developed from a topic that is complementary to the current exhibition of one of the KONTEJNER’s triennial festivals.The work process is mentored by professionals from selected areas to direct students and give them the structure within which to develop their own ideas. The mentors are there every step of the way, letting students come up with ideas and brainstorm while leading them towards a well thought out concept based on their group work and providing a reference to what can be done in a certain amount of time and what should be done as an extension of the work.

2018: ALU + FER + FFZG


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