Miodrag Gladović (HR) Motions within and in between formats (lecture)


An introduction to the programme Motions, which centres on multi-channel electronic music and spatial-sound composition, will be provided by Miodrag Gladović, an electroacoustics engineer and artist. Gladović is KONTEJNER’s expert associate and the person in charge of the project of multi-channel sound diffusion. After performing with colleague Gideon Kiers at last year’s Touch Me festival, in January of this year he envisaged and led a workshop in which the participants gained theoretical knowledge and practical experience of working with multi-channel speaker systems. This spring he set up a multi-channel studio in which four participants had the opportunity to continue developing their skills and create individual works. Gladović’s lecture starts off with offering insights into the unique aspects of creating spatial sound by means of a standardised speaker system setup (mono, stereo, quadrophonic, octophonic, 5.1, 7.1.4, etc.) or via the so-called free formats or systems without a fixed format. Gladović will elaborate on the possibilities for musicians and composers opened up by contemporary multi-channel systems, in terms of creating music within 3D spaces and necessary tools and possible formats, with a special emphasis on properties and applications of ambisonic formats. This will be followed by an overview of tools and algorithms for positioning sound objects within a defined 3D space and a demonstration of simple examples and applications using the set up speaker system.

Miodrag Gladović (HR)

Miodrag Gladović is an engineer of electroacoustics, musician and multimedia artist. As an artist, he has been actively engaged on the contemporary arts scene for numerous years – either as a member of the artistic duo Lightune.G together with Bojan Gagić, or as a solo artist. His work, engineering expertise and immense creativity continuously contribute to the innovative aspects of all projects he is involved in. Combining a punk approach with DIY ethics, his twenty-year experience in a wide variety of musical styles and projects, using technology in artistic work and nurturing a specific sensibility for contemporary music and arts, makes him one of the most prominent names on the contemporary scene – primarily within the field of experimental and impro music, but also in the context of other innovative contemporary artistic practices.