Touch_me_cinema is a kind of blend of public cinema and what in ad campaigns for DVD reproduction technology is called ‘home’ cinema. In spite of its advantages and charms, including the big screen, reproduction from actual cellulose,

the special sound and visual effects, the Modernist feeling of being lost in the crowd and so on − the experience of going to a real cinema also entails a number of not-so-nice aspects. While watching a film in a cinema you can for example occupy only the sitting position; perhaps the tops of the heads of very tall individuals who just had to sit in front of you will be a pain; you will be put off by the repulsive crunching of popcorn on the teeth of those who for some reason always seem to think that greasy plastic boxes and the art of the film are inherently connected; while you perhaps associate film watching with the enjoyment of nicotine, recreational drugs or alcohol, and you won’t be able to do this in the cinema, not even in the foyer either; you won’t be able to talk out loud and comment with delight on some scene, won’t be able to expatiate with your connoisseur friend about the director’s proceedings, or be openly irritated when you realise you are watching some trash film; or you will be incensed by those who in spite of the principles of nice behaviour actually do that in your immediate vicinity.

All these traps and the price you have to pay for them can be avoided by refusing to leave your own four walls, by downloading the films from some torrent, and watching it in the safety of your own home. However, unlike the mass of uniform mega cinemas, home cinemas differ from each other considerably. Perhaps, unlike your neighbour, you won’t be able to afford some hotted-up surround system let along a projector or projection screen. And there is a certain possibility that you’ll be watching your favourite film on the monitor of your computer, perhaps still one of those with curved screens. The solution for all your woes is the touch_me_cinema. Touch_me_cinema combines only and exclusively the positive sides of various experiences of enjoying the film. Furnished with contemporary technology, a varied repertoire and located inside the real cinema of the Zagreb Student Centre, it is never theless very much unlike an ordinary cinema by the fact that the touch_me_cinema can be yours alone.

How many times have you dreamed about being in a big cinema auditorium in which without any possibility of disturbance a film is rolling just for you? OK, perhaps the answer might be − never − but the touch_me_cinema, along with its solitary also has its sociable versions: you can for example reserve a special cinema just for the two (ff, mm, mf) of you or if you are really clubbable for the whole of your gang. Or if you believe in people, for an open screening. You yourself of course will choose and supplement with your own wishes a programme that continues on from the topic of happiness and pleasure that this year’s Touch me festival is highlighting.Within the touch_me_cinema, of course, one hardly needs to point out, everything is permitted. And encouraged. (Or almost everything, if we recall that everything does not include just the results of good intentions.) And all of this, again, in a specially designed setting that apart from sight will bring all your other senses into play.

You can reserve films and screening hours at: In your mail, please note which of the three films you would like to reserve (film for one, film for two or film for a group) and when.