Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Aleš Hieng-Zergon (SI) echo 10-9

Performance, 2013-

The sound-video performance echo 10-9 takes place on the nano and micro levels. With a clear analog esthetic it demonstrates the formal characteristics of materials, which are transformed on the spot, creating ambient a/v landscapes. The development of the echo 10-9 project is based on research and experiments with nanobots, which create their own choreography in relation to different micro- and macrofluids, nanomaterials and magnetic reaction fields, in unison with physical and chemical effects.

With their interventions, the authors stimulate self-generated or autopoetic chemical reactions on multiple levels, influencing the sonic composition and choreography between the nanobots. The combination of physics, chemistry and computer vision creates an immersive environment and reveals invisible fields that create (auto)poetic effects with the sensory experience. By expanding the sensory spectrum the performance challenges the question of perception and arouses the idea of small-size worlds with different laws, co-existing on different levels – like an insight into a new dimension, or the ability to think the world differently.

Robertina Šebjanič (SI)

Robertina Šebjanič is working in the intersection between humanist and natural sciences. Her art/research focus has for several years been oriented towards a project developed in the field of Living systems (bio-art), noise/sound art and ambiental immersive environments. The context for her ideas and concepts is often realized in collaboration with other authors, and is embodied in her work through interdisciplinary and informal integration. through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work. She is a member of Hackteria Network, Ljudmila, UR Institute and Theremidi orchestra.

She has exhibited, performed and presented at solo and group exhibitions: Le Cube / Decalab, Paris; Ars electronica / Stadtwerkstatt, Linz; Touch me festival, Zagreb; Eyebeam & CT-SWaM, New York; Poolloop, Zurich; Bandits-Mages, Bourgers; PORTIZMIR#3 - Triennale of contemporary art, Izmir; Kiblix festival, Maribor; Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana; Prima Gallery, Berlin; Paraflows festival, Vienna; Liwoli festival, Linz; Gallery SC, Zagreb; Netaudio festival, London; Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana; Haip festival, Ljubljana; Amber festival, Istanbul; The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad; Gallery KiBela-Kibla, Maribor; SCCA, Ljubljana; Pixel festival, Bergen; Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana; +MSUM U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, Ljubljana; Device_art 3.009, Zagreb, etc.

Author's contact:

Aleš Hieng-Zergon (SI)

Aleš Hieng-Zergon is a chemical engineer by profession as well as a DJ, a producer of electronic music and a sound artist who also works in the field of audiovisual performances and DIY electronics.


12—13 h

Klovićevi dvori Gallery (Zagreb)