Filip Borelli (HR) Invisible Beauty

interactive kinetic sculpture, 2017

The endless expanses of darkness from which the bodies of the universe bathed in the light of incandescent giants emerge open up the issue of metaphysical and physical relations. Dark as a medium of the visible prevails in universal dimensions, filling up the spaces between. Black holes as representatives of the destructive force of the Universe are the theme of the artistic work of Filip Borelli. The invisible relations of dark matter with the physical worlds are presented in the form of kinetic sculpture illuminated with UV light. Highlighting the invisible spectrum with the use of the UV wavelength, the artist endeavors to emphasize the frequency of motion as the main element of all relations in the Universe.

Invisible Beauty is an interactive, ultraviolet and kinetic sculpture based on the laws of physics. The chief component of the work is a mobile, tangible and adjustable 3D sculpture. The model is constructed of fluorescent filaments of different lengths placed on a rotating propeller, and the installation imitates the interaction of natural forces. The audience is invited to take part in the construction of a new sculpture making use of elements such as filaments and balls. The tactile aspect of the work correlates senses with the theme of dark matter, providing the opportunity to experience invisible forces by touch. This is not just a visual and physical but also a social experience that lets the audience become part of a new sculpture and to experience the invisible.


Filip Borelli (HR)

Filip Borelli is a Croatian artist who deals with research into the interaction of light, sound, movement and music. He graduated from the Economics Faculty in Zagreb, but since 2009 has worked as performer, musician and author of luminous concepts. He acquired his artistic experience entirely in his family setting, but in addition he was a member of KSET, the club of students of electronics and computing, up to 2013, being engaged in lighting, acting and photography; in the Medika Hall for Performance Art, he acquired circus artistes’ skills and took part in numerous productions; in the Zagreb Dance Centre he learned contemporary dance techniques in the class of Ognjen Vučinić and took part in several years of the Centre’s productions.

He has been into music since 2009, when as part of the ensemble Skroz Over he released the song Cross Over, broadcasted on Croatian Radiotelevision. He is a member of the music stage ensemble Acid Carrots & Parsley Man, and of the avant-garde group Beat Busters of Zagreb, which uses new technical approaches in its music. In 2017 at Sound Art Incubator in Zagreb with Damjan Blažun, Borelli exhibited the interactive sound installation XYZ and in the same year produced the solo experimental project Inox Aquasonik, which includes music research into stainless steel vacuum flasks with water.

As actor he works with Filip Filković Philatz and Zdenko Bašić in music videos for Diyala, Gibonni, Manntra, Nina Romić and Vatra. He also took part as costume designer and performer at the Lost Theory Festival, where in the performance Magic of Creation, produced together with the Hoka Hey group of Zagreb, he joined light with sound for the first time. Since 2015 he has worked with the Austrian luminous troupe Circus Lumineszenz in the project Laser Harp Q. He is the editor of a programme about the Kaikavian dialect of Croatian Kak je lep nas kaj for Television Zapad. In 2017 he took part as lighting tech in the project MIMO (Media inventory of musical originals) under the aegis of the Vibra association.