KONTEJNER @ FEMeeting and Consciousness Reframed conferences in Portugal

Olga Majcen Linn and Sunčica Ostoić from KONTEJNER will hold lectures on the topic of art at the intersection of science and technology during two conferences in Portugal.

FEMeeting – Women in Art, Science and Technology” (Vila Nova de Milfontes, Lisbon, Porto) is a conference interconnecting artists, theoreticians and curators from the field of art, science and technology from all over the world. The main goal is to create a long-term collaboration platform, develop a systematic methodology of work and create a sustainable strategy for promoting women working in the field. The conference is organized by Cultivamos Cultura from Lisbon. Olga Majcen Linn and Sunčica Ostoić will hold a lecture on the topic of "Controversy of Life and Death in Exhibiting Bio-art", focusing especially on institutional and organizational challenges in exhibiting bio-art. The lecture will take place in June 4th 2019 at Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.

Conciousness Reframed 2019” (Porto) is the 21st interdisciplinary international conference on science, technology and consciousness organized by CITAR - Research Centre in Science and Technology of the Arts. The conference has previously been held in Australia, Austria, China, England, Egypt, Germany, Greece. Norway, Portugal and Wales. During CR2019, the authors will focus on curatorial perspectives dealing with interspecies connections in contemporary art and science. Ostoić and Majcen Linn will hold their lecture on 7th June 2019 at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto.

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