One whole month of experimental sound in Zagreb

As a part of the Impromonday programme, on April 9th 2018, at 8 p.m. and with Benedict Taylor & Jošt Drašler + DJ Liquidator as main guests, Music Showroom SC, Department of Experimental Sound and KONTEJNER announce an entire month of events focused on experimental sound in Zagreb.

Impromodays are improvising evenings at the Music Salon developed around the idea of creating a meeting place for musicians and other artists that share the desire and the need for exploration in the field of experimental and improvised electroacoustic music, as well as other artistic expressions. The stage is open to musicians and non-musicians of different artistic articulations, styles, and genres. On April 9th at 8 p.m. at MM Centre, next Impromonday (which is really a Monday!) will host Benedict Taylor, British composer and violist, and Slovenian contrabassist Jošt Drašler. After a series of successful collaborations, these great musicians decided to create a duo and include Impromonday as a part of their tour. After Taylor’s and Drašler’s set, local musicians Ana Kovačić, Leo Beslać, Snježana Gallo, Silvio Bočić, Dorotea Radušić and Marin Živković will join them on the stage.

After the Impromoday concert, we invite you to join us for a relaxed warm-up evening of networking and both informal and formal presentation of the events to come, w/ DJ set by Zvonimir Ante Stamać aka Liquidator, initiator of the ZEZ concerty cycle. This evening is a celebration of the upcoming weeks when Zagreb will host intense and exciting programmes presenting contemporary musical expression in different forms and spaces. First we have the fifth edition of the Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb's student centre at the end of April/beginning of May. As a part of the festival programme KONTEJNER, CDA and Music Showroom SC will present the work of Adam Donovan (AU/AT), Katrin Hochschuh (DE) and Łukasz Szałankiewicz (PL). Also this year concerts organized by Department of Experimental Sound will transform into a festival held from 16th to 22nd April at the KSET Club, while KONTEJNER, Mochvara Club, and URK will present site-specific installation of Swiss sound artist Zimoun in Pogon Jedinstvo from April 14th to April 27. All very good reasons to join us for a presentation and hang out on Monday, April 9th at 8 p.m. at MM Centre and &TD.