Open call for Device_art 6.018

Open call for new artistic productions and participation in this years Device_art festival programme taking place in Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art is opened from March 27th to May 20th, 2018. The call is opened to all individual artists and collectives residing and working in Croatia.

Vitar Drinković (HR): Breathing time, 2014. Production: Kontejner

KONTEJNER is inviting Croatian artists and authors to submit project proposals for the sixth edition of Device_art festival “Machines Are Not Alone” taking place in December 2018 - January 2019 at Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art. Applications are open from March 27th to May 20th, 2018.

Device_art is an international festival dealing with technological devices, machines, and robotics in contemporary art. From its very beginnings, it has supplied a framework for the presentation of artistic production that has its point of departure in the use of technologies, application of digital or analog sets, as well as ingenious considerations of diverse media for the purpose of shaping inventive and provocative art concepts.

Throughout its duration, the project has consistently fostered a platform for Croatian artists who want to deal creatively with technology and have oriented their researches and experiments to artistic media beyond the traditional artistic practices. Every new edition of the Device_art festival has thus presented a selection of the most compelling works of Croatian artists.

The fifth edition of the festival exhibition entitled “Machines Are Not Alone“ and curated by Zhang Ga, takes on a conative suggestion that the world is machine-based: not only does its function depend on a network of machines but also the land, river, mountains, trees, and animals are machines of some sort when seen from an operational point of view or an abstract sense of the word. They are systems of interconnected biospheres and technical milieus imbricated, intertwined, transversal and reciprocal as intricate as the relationship between humanity and thought, knowledge and freedom.

With this concept of machine and ecology in mind, artists should propose ideas for the production of new artworks.

Open call requirements:

  • Contact information;
  • Web-page/portfolio for the artist;
  • Short bio (max. 200 words);
  • Project's title;
  • Short description and concept of the project (max. 300 words);
  • Brief technical description of the project (max. 200 words);
  • Information has the work already been produced or presented;
  • Sketches and/or photo/video documentation;
  • Link to the project (optional).

Both existing and new works can be submitted to the open call.

The call is opened to all individual artists and collectives residing and working in Croatia.

The applications can be submitted by using the online application form or sent via e-mail to natjecaj@kontejner.org.

Results of the open call will be announced to the selected authors by June 2018.

Device_art festival venue and date: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; December 2018 – January 2019
organiser: KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Zagreb
curatorial team: ZHANG Ga, KONTEJNER