New sound perspectives - second Future DiverCities Artistic Lab

Sound performance/concert which marks the end of the "New sound perspectives" Artistic Lab organized as a part of the EU project Future DiverCities is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th, 8 p.m. at small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo.

Andro Giunio. photo Miran Kramar

New sound perspectives Lab includes Croatian audio artists and engineers Miodrag Gladović, Andro Giunio and Miroslav Piškulić as mentors, and students of the Zagreb's Academy of Fine Arts. Together during their artistic process in the small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo they will experiment on a new vision, a new dimension of an installation by Swiss artist Zimoun presented in the large hall by isolating, manipulating and processing the sound produced by the installation. Along with creating an alternative dimension of Zimoun's artwork and a new musical composition, the main goal of this Lab is to motivate students towards investigating sound as an artistic medium and re-thinking their own creative processes through collaboration with renowned local artists and sound enthusiasts. This is the second Artistic Lab organized by KONTEJNER as a part of the EU project Future DiverCities.

On Wednesday, 25th of April at 8 p.m. in the small hall of Pogon Jedinstvo, mentors and students will present the results of the two-week process through a sound performance/concert during which a new sound composition will be performed. After visiting Zimoun's exhibition in the large hall of Pogon Jedinstvo, the audience will have the chance to experience the performance just 30 meters away from the main installation. Final Lab results and the sound composition will be broadcasted on Radio Student and as a part of the Picture of Sound project which produces and broadcasts original sound artworks of contemporary visual artists.

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