New edition of Touch Me festival this September!

What lies beyond our inherent biology? Can biotechnological innovations take us out of isolation and introduce new forms of coexistence? In the midst of current crisis and forbiddance of touch, we are grasping new futures!

Koen Vanmechelen (BE): Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. Photo Koen Vanmechelen

As one of our main programmes, Touch Me is an international manifestation that explores the relationship between art and science. With Extravagant Bodies and Device_art triennials, it defines our focus on art at the intersection of science, technology, and social issues. Throughout the past 15 years, the festival programme consisted of international exhibitions, workshops, discursive programmes, and publications that brought together renowned artists, philosophers, curators and theorists.

Dark matter, time, pleasure, abuse of intelligence and energy occupied our minds during the last five editions of the Touch Me triennial. This year we are interested in the paradigm shift that changes our reflections upon the present and the future of coexistence between living beings, the natural world and technology. The starting point is our present day, the ecological crisis in which the superior position of man has been displaced. Driven by posthumanist theories in which relationships between species are horizontal and value systems obliterated, we will explore representations of the world after anthropocentrism. What happens when we truly get rid of binary oppositions nature - culture, living - non-living, human - non-human?

September 2020 brings radical statements investigating biotechnological and other possibilities of hybrid, symbiotic and chimeric intertwinings of living as well as non-living beings.

Touch Me curators for 2020 are Jurij Krpan (SI) from Kapelica Gallery, Klara Petrović (HR) and Luja Šimunović (HR) from KONTEJNER.

More information coming soon!