Open call for new edition of Extravagant bodies!

Call for participation in the next edition of Extravagant bodies subtitled Extravagant Love is open for all artists and lovers until February 14th 2019. The festival will take place in Zagreb in September 2019.

The Extravagant Bodies triennial deals with boundaries between the normal and the pathological within domains of our lives such as corporeality, appearance, behaviour, sexuality or life style. The festival examines social, political, cultural and economical positions, norms and identities by dealing with liminal, excessive, extravagant bodies and minds which disrupt society's structures.

In 2019 our focus is on Extravagant Love: the artistic show and tell will portray love from the emotional to the sexual; from the platonic to corporeal lust. Love, in all its varieties and manifestations, has been the subject of countless histories, philosophical ponderings and scientific mysteries. Constantly changing and being challenged over time, love is shaped by culture and society - which in turn shift our understanding and practices of love. We are looking for artistic provocations, creative stimulations, investigations and research into all that love can be, in all its complexities, extremes and varieties - from the wildest romances to troubled and dark deviancies, from orgasmotrons to biopolitical control mechanisms.

The festival will engage the audience into visceral experiences, hosting extravagant displays of affections, interpersonal (dis)connections and new, hybrid - earthly to interstellar - forms of loving and love-making, leaving no one untouched.

Curatorial team: Klara Petrović & Luja Šimunović (KONTEJNER), Stahl Stenslie (NO)

The call is open to all individual artists, collectives and lovers.

DEADLINE: February 14th 2019


Application requirements:
- Contact information;
- Web-page/portfolio;
- Short bio (max. 200 words);
- Short description and concept of the project (max. 300 words);
- Brief technical description of the project (max. 200 words);
- Has the work already been produced or presented? If yes, then where?;
- Sketches and/or photo/video documentation (max. 10 MB or preferably by linked
- Link to the project (optional).

The applications can be submitted by using the online application form or sent via e-mail to

More information on Extravagant Bodies can be found here.