Subscriptions open: free cycles of Future DiverCities webinars

Urban Ecology and Changemaking webinars start on 21st of April 2023 and last until May. The programme is free of charge, online and in English language.

The project Future DiverCities not only supports the sparking of new cultural initiatives in eight cities across Europe, it also offers two series of training and knowledge-sharing programmes, based on innovative approaches, with the aim of building new capacities for tackling the theme of temporary artistic uses, and urban and territorial regeneration. The relevant knowledge is transferred to support local initiatives within the project, but it is also a free educational opportunity for a wider community of European practitioners, social innovation and cultural organisations, as well as active citizens. Starting April 2023 (21st April) and developing until May 2024, a series of engaging webinars on urban ecology and changemaking programmes are proposed by two partners of the Future DiverCities project, Trajna and INNOCAMP PL. More details on the programme can be found on this link. This free online program will be in English and it can be accessed by subscription: click here to subscribe and receive information to attend the webinars.

Urban Ecology webinars
Led by: Gaja Mežnarić Osole, Danica Sretenović
Originally produced to empower eco-social engagement with neglected cityscapes. The School of Feral Grounds situates cultural practices in the world in which capital-driven economies act as geological forces, terraforming the earth into a place where climate change, social inequality, and species extinction call for urgent collective action. The school acts as a forum for interchange, where reflections, concepts, case studies, and generative exercises invite participants to position urban ecologies within the field of culture by interlinking common notions of the urban and ecology. To engage with the feral grounds of 21st century cities we take a close look at the practices between the development of neoliberal cities and nature’s capacity to reclaim their cracks.

Changemaking webinars
Proposed by INNOCAMP PL
The training and mentoring support for changemakers and their stakeholders engaged in city empty spaces regenerative pilots is based on Ashoka’s concept of “every-one’s a changemaker” world. A Changemaker is a person who is sensitive to human/environmental needs critical of any form of injustice and responds to uncertainties by creative action. The most complex challenges (like city inclusive transformations) must be handled through collective changemaking.

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