"Mobile faces - material interactivity" workshop

In collaboration with Radiona.org / Zagreb Makerspace and as a part of a larger project called “Korak dalje – prema uključivoj kulturi”, we are organizing a two-day "Mobile faces - material interactivity" workshop. The workshop will be held on 21st and 22nd December 2019 from 2 to 8 p.m. at Radiona.org, address: Nova cesta 186, Zagreb. The language of the workshop is Croatian.

Admission is free of charge!
You can apply via e-mail radiona.org@gmail.com by December 19th 2019 at midnight. Make sure you write a few sentences about yourself and why you want to participate in this workshop. Maximum number of participants is 10.

Workshop participants will engage in making an installation out of mobile faces, and during this process they will learn about basic principles of mechatronics, robotics and electronics. During the first day, they will make mobile parts of the faces using electric motors, and on the second day they will interconnect the parts with electronics and sensors. As a result, all participants will have their own installations that can be connected in a modular way into an interactive, collective installation.

The workshop aims to interconnect the maker/hacker culture with new hybrid artistic practices, as well as contribute to co-creation and development of competences and skills in individuals dedicated to learning and understanding all electronic and mechatronics processes of an interactive installation.

Dates: 21st and 22nd December 2019
Time: 2 - 8 p.m
Address: Nova cesta 186, Zagreb
Number of participants: 10
Moderators: Vedran Relja & Goran Mahovlić

Vedran Relja is into robotic innovations and devising of technical solutions and art installations for a number of designers and artists, along with theatre scenography and props, car tuning and styling, custom furniture and disability aids. He was rewarded numerous times in the field of technological development and innovation in Croatia and abroad.
web: http://www.squid-technology.com/squid-technology/

Goran Mahovlić (electronic engineer by vocation) works for numerous years as a repair technician for IT and banking equipment. He barely keeps himself away from disassembling almost any device he touches. Equally successful in both software and hardware, from hacking Chinese products to recycling discarded devices and serious playing with technology and microcontroller programming, Goran is the technical coordinator of Radona and has until today moderated a series of successful workshops and presentations. He is a regular participant of Radiona's projects and exhibitions, and is a founder of Radiona's SmartZG network. He is also a member of the Open Network (Otvorena Mreža) project dedicated to open and accessible Internet.

“Korak dalje – prema uključivoj kulturi” project is financed by the European Union from ESF - European Social Fund programme. The content of this announcement is the sole responsibility of the NGO Kulturtreger. ESF programme of the European Union co-finances the project with 679.524,57 kn out of the 799.440,67 kn of the total budget.

The organization of this workshop is co-financed within the ESF's Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources.

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