production: DIYARTLAB project

When seeing we don’t gain a direct access to reality, but rather to its representation in the form of an image that we ourselves take part in creating (while seeing). An image – as we see it – is a consequence of the interaction between the act of seeing and the object of seeing, from the material form of which the image differs. To a large degree, it is a construct of our own perception.

The device exploits this fact to synchronize with the perceptual apparatus of the observer in order for a new visual phenomenon to emerge from the two's interaction. It’s dealing with the observed experience exploring the way how our perceptual apparatus constructs movement, with the illusion of motion when there’s no actual movement. If it is possible to simultaneously see the illusion and our perceptual apparatus constructing the movement, the experience of seeing might acquire a new meaning.

The work is a 3D construction with a xyz grid containing LEDs. They are connected together by means of thin wires serving both to uphold the construction and to conduct electricity. They are linked to a computer program that switches them on and off.