Humping dog, Cruching dog, USB Chameleon, USB Owl...

Company Name: CUBE CO., LTD. Tokyo
Established: October 1st, 1995

Business Outline
CUBE manufactures and sells various toys and other goods designed by themselves and world’s leading artists in different genres.
CUBE designs, manufactures, and sells PC Gadgets, a collective series of fun products designed to plug into a pc.
Humping Dog
Humping Dog will continuously hump when connected with a USB port! Oh my! He can't stop it!
Crunching Dog
When Crunching Dog is connected to USB port, it will start doing crunches like crazy!
USB Chameleon
The hand, the foot, and the tail move freely. With its bendable arms, legs and tail, you can place your Chameleon anywhere you want. Your Chameleon rolls its eyes and sticks out its tongue! The chameleon which lives in the personal computer.
You can keep your owl as a pet by simply connecting USB Owl to USB port.
Self Destruction Button USB 2.0 Hub DX
Turn switches on in numeric order, press the red button and impressive sound effects can be heard!
・ It's a great stress-releaser.
・ It's fun but also functional in your office.
・ The design creates a sense of urgency around your desk.
USB Engine HUB - Motorcycle type
It's a USB shaped like a motor cycle engine with realistic exhaust sounds and vibration.
This product has been created by our desire to develop unique and powerful PC-related items. It's a practical toy that works as a hub. Using a jack and two pedal switches,
you can enjoy powerful vibration and big exhaust sounds!
Kore Janai Robot USB2.0 Flash Memory 256MB
Kore Janai Robot is now a flash memory! The uncool feelings are still there! You may want to say “Gattai (Combination)!” as you put the unit into your USB port.
ShyBoy will blush when you type „love“ or „kiss“ however, he looks sad you type „hate“.

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