Lie Detector for Those in Love

collaborator: Tomislav Pokrajčić
expert assistence: Koraljka Hat
production: DIYARTLAB project

Understanding love as affection and physics as science of the structure of matter, measurable natural phenomena and underlying laws of nature, I began my quest to find an objective image, trait or mark of love, something tangible... 

Vibrating movements, i.e. pulsations, occurring as frequently in nature as they do, seemed best suited for the task... Vibrations, periodical oscillations in value, recurrences of a state in certain temporal intervals led me to my first findings... I discovered Lissajous curves which express ratios between two frequencies... And suddenly questions started to pop up... first it was necessary to discover frequencies... then, if there was superposition between them, an interference would appear that could lead to a resonance... Two vibrations close in frequency produce beats... During every motion, including vibration, energy is lost due to the friction of one kind or another... Dissipation in the system occurs... (strong, mid-range, weak and critical dissipation)... Friction force changes the amplitude of pulsations... In normal circumstances this change is insignificant, but if dissipation is strong enough, the system will cease to pulsate (i.e. the relationship falls apart!)... Additionally, I'm interested in the ambiguity of truth and ‘spying’ on human reactions. 

At the exhibition opening I'll invite couples to volunteer for the test. I'm using a device (sensors, a data-processing computer, an interface displaying information) in order to access deep information about a person that s/he, in most cases, can't have any control over, as opposed to feelings, moods, etc. s/he can fake through words, gestures, etc. The information I collec is comprised of heart activity (ECG), changes in bodily temperature (which are slight), skin resistance and pressure... and the changes will be triggered by questions. Couples, questioned separately, will have to answer ten simple questions designed with the particular aim to verify the sincerity of their relationship.