About us

KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Zagreb, Croatia
KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, founded in 2002, is an independent not-for-profit organisation which, through curatorial work, the production of artworks, the organisation of exhibitions and theoretical contextualization, is oriented towards critical examination of the role and meaning of science, technology and the body in contemporary society.
KONTEJNER is interested in intermedia and interdisciplinary art projects at the junctions of science, technology, live art, body art, hybrid and formally innovative usage of the media. These are projects referring to relevant phenomenon of contemporary art and culture, dealing with societal taboos and ethical systems that legitimise them, with special emphasis on the field of trauma produced by breaking and subverting the norms. Also, it is art which deals with society of the future, the posthuman and its obsolete body, intervention by cybernetics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.
-          creating a model of interaction between art and science
-          increasing the production of works by local artists in the field of art and technologies, art and science and body art
-          establishing strong partnerships with organisations and institutions sharing similar interests
-          promoting recent Croatian and international production in the field of art and technologies, art and science and body art in Croatia and internationally
KONTEJNER works in the field of art/science/technology through projects such as:
-           Touch me - project continuously presenting over the year art projects at the junction of science and technology. Every third year it is presented in the form of an international thematic festival.
-           Device_art - triennial media oriented international exhibition of device art and robotics
-           DIY_ARTLAB - production platform connecting domestic artists with experts from science and technology.
KONTEJNER works in the field of live art through projects such as:
-           Project Hospital and Extravagant Bodies festival - bodily deficiency, relationship of society towards sickness and sick people are the topic of Project Hospital, which is carried out as a permanent presentation of individual projects. From it developed the triennial Extravagant Bodies festival dealing with politics of normal.
From its founding in 2002, KONTEJNER has curated and organised over fifty group and individual exhibitions, festivals, lectures and presentations of international and local artists and theoreticians ( Antunez Roca, Stahl Stenslie, Paul Granjon, Zoran Todorovi_, Kira O'Reilly, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Stephen Wilson, Joe Davis, Oreet Asherry, Haruki Nishijima, Tissue Art and Culture Project, Paul DeMarinis, Ray Lee...). The organization has realized numerous collaborations with the local independent art scene, as well as local and international institutions and galleries (Multimedia institut/Zagreb, WHW/Zagreb, Drugo more/Rijeka, Art Workshop Lazareti/Dubrovnik, HDLU/Zagreb, Museum of contemporary art/Zagreb, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevi_/Zagreb, Galerija Kapelica/Ljubljana, Galerija O3one/Beograd…). KONTEJNER has also realized a series of successful projects in the international art scene (National Review of Life Art/Glasgow, Art Space/Sidney, The Last East European Show, MSU/Belgrade, O3one Galerija/Belgrade, RX Gallery/San Francisco, NAMOC/ Beijing). Apart from membership in several local and regional program and cultural policy networks, KONTEJNER is a co-founder and member of the European Art and Science Network.

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