Touch Me 2011: Cinema

Youtube links: nuclear energy

Film selection: Hrvoje Pukšec

— Nuclear testing 1945-1998

— A Tale of Two Cities (1946)

— Duck and Cover (1951), Bert The Turtle Civil Defense Film

— A is for Atom (1952)

— How Nuclear Energy Works

— Living with the Atom (1957)

— History Channel − Rocketdyne

— Meltdown at Three Mile Islands

— The Chernobyl Disaster − the Severe Days (Vladimir Ševčenko)

— Greenpeace video about Chernobyl

— It Happened in ... Chernobyl

— The best documentary film about Chernobyl 2006., The Battle of Chernobyl

— Pandora's Box − A is for Atom

— George Monbiot vs. Dr. Helen Caldicott: a debate on the future on nuclear energy

— Nuclear Experiments (Yale lecture, prof. Wargo)

— Nuclear Secrecy and Ecology (Yale lecture, prof. Wargo)

— Past and Future of Nuclear Power (Yale lecture, prof. Wargo)

— Fukushima Nuclear Plant

— Fukushima’s Nuclear Emergency

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