Motions: An Experimental Sound Event

As part of the international project Re-Imagine Europe, KONTEJNER is preparing a new experimental sound event: Motions, which will take place 16th – 20th June, 2021, at three venues, the Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC), Grič Tunnel and Mesnička Cultural Centre. Free tickets for each programme block in ZPC (16th and 17th June) can be picked up at the ZPC box office one hour before the start of the programme.

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Welcome to project Arc-hive!

We are happy to announce the launch of the project Arc-hive: an open source digital platform that aggregates, preserves, publishes, distributes and contextualizes a variety of information, knowledge and documentation on art with a focus on biomedia, ensuring open access to a variety of users, and a wide outreach of digital materials across cultural sectors and territories.

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Device_art Festival


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EMAP - European Media Art Platform


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Re-Imagine Europe


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Touch Me Festival


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KONTEJNER je korisnik institucionalne podrške Nacionalne zaklade za razvoj civilnoga društva za stabilizaciju i/ili razvoj udruge.