Ana Peraica (HR)

Ana Peraica, Ph.D. studied at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie and ASCA, University of Amsterdam. She is a curator of many international media projects accompained by edited readers, e.g. Žena na raskrižju ideologija (HULU, 2008.) and Victims' Symptom (Institute for Networked Cultures, 2009). She regularly writes for cultural magazines such as Springerin and Pavilion, as well as academic journals Afterimage (RIT) and Leonardo (MIT) where she also works in the editorial group. She currently works as adjunct professor on Rochester Institute of Technology's depositure ACMT in Dubrovnik and in her family photo-atelier Perajica on Peristil. Peraica is a member of AICA, IKT, ISEA and ISAST.