Andrija Santro (HR)

Andrija Santro (Zabok, 1989), graduated from the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb in 2008. In 1998 he started taking piano lessons at a musical school, a firm basis for his future artistic work. He began researching in the field of sound synthesis in 2004, when he replaced the piano with sound synthesizer, computer, sound effects and other tools for musical production. From 2008 on he joined various musical collectives and started the Yoghurt Gallery with a few colleagues in the Autonomous Cultural Centre – Attack!, transforming it later on into the art project Antibiotic during which he presented over ten artworks (installations, video, performance). He played over 150 concerts with different bands and collectives (Bamwise, Pridjevi, I-tal Jam, Digitron) and participated in numerous group improvisations (CUL-de-SAC - Accelerated Evolution Orchestra, Nomad Jam, etc.). Together with other performers he created sound for the animated movie Protoplazma and music for documentary film Ana Trg. Since 2010 he is investigating light design and improving his knowledge in this field through non-formal education. He set light to more than 20 theatre shows and performances, and numerous concerts and festivals.