Dr. Albert Genter (FR)

Dr. Albert Genter, joined the GEIE Exploitation Minière de la Chaleur (GEIE EMC) located in northern Alsace, France in September 2007 as Scientific Coordinator of the EGS Pilot Plant project called the Soultz project (www.geothermie-soultz.fr). GEIE EMC is a European Economic Interest Grouping responsible for a pilot geothermal project currently co-funded by French and German governments as well as a consortium of French-German industrial companies. Deep geothermal energy called EGS (Enhanced Geothermal System) is currently exploited on this site. In that framework, A. Genter is responsible for the scientific activity (research, scientific monitoring, reporting, publication) and for the result dissemination to a large audience.

As Scientific Manager of the geothermal project, he is working daily on the first geothermal power plant producing electricity in France based on deep geothermal resources trapped within fractured crystalline rocks. A. Genter is responsible for the current research phase dealing with a scientific and technical monitoring of the power plant over the period 2010-2012.
Before joining the GEIE EMC, Mr. Genter has been working for 23 years to the French Geological Survey, i.e. BRGM in Orléans, France.

Mr. Genter produced about 60 technical reports, 50 scientific and technical papers, and more than 200 presentations in national and international conferences and workshops. He teaches in several High Schools and Universities in France and Germany. He was responsible for several Ph.D. students and diploma thesis in Earth Science. He won an award on the best presentation at the Geothermal Resource Council in Rena (Nevada) in 2009.

His main skills are in structural geology applied to geothermal energy projects, petroleum reservoirs, sedimentary basins, volcanic areas, nuclear waste storage as well as in cliff coastal erosion; borehole logs interpretation, well logging data in crystalline, and borehole monitoring of deep wells. He worked in mineralogy of hydrothermal alteration, geochemical modelling of water-rock interaction in crystalline rocks and 3D modelling of fracture systems.