Josef Klammer (AT)

Josef Klammer, Austrian musician and media artist, since the mid-1980s continuously working on the tonal enhancement of his instrumentarium, as well as the exploration and transformation of media-immanent music potentials. Klammer has presented exhibitions, sound installations, and music projects in Vienna, Hong Kong, Seville, New York, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Darmstadt, Katzow, Rimini, and Paris. He has composed music for TV and movies; radio plays and radio programs for the ORF (Austrian Broadcast Corporation); and stage music for theatre productions in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Schwerin, Gera, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Graz. He performs with a wide variety of ensembles playing new, improvised electronic and experimental music, and is the curator of diverse festivals and inventive music projects and workshops in schools. In 2015, he received the Award of Distinction for the project “Drumming Is an Elastic Concept” at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.