Klara Petrović (HR)

Klara Petrović had acquired her Master’s degree in comparative literature and art history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2018 and is currently active as an independent curator. As a student, in 2015, she launched the portal Kulturflux which serves as a platform for students of art history for publishing works ranging from critical reviews to scientific research for which she was awarded the Franjo Marković Award. As a curator assistant, she worked on the organization of the Transform exhibition at MSU Zagreb 2016, and in the same year joined Kontejner by working on triennial festivals and as a coordinator of LEM i ti! project. In 2018, together with Luja Simunović she initiated the Short Circuit project and is working as a curator and coordinator for the Extravagant Bodies Festival in 2019. At the same time she is active in the Organ Vida organization as a curator and head of the educational program.