Marijan Crtalić (HR)

I was born in 1968 in Sisak, Croatia. In 1992 I received a graduate degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. After my studies, I began exploring media such as video, photography, performance etc. My work develops from my personal relation to myself and the interaction with my surroundings. The direction my work takes – whether it involves a documentary or symbolic approach to the matter - depends on my own experience in a specific spatial-situational context. Different situations produce different types of expression, ranging from an analytical-investigative approach to the intuitive-emotional, more or less symbolic artistic reaction.

In any case, the common denominator behind all my activities is a social, engaged questioning and artistic (re)action aiming for a critical insight into specific social issues, especially those in which I am also personally involved. My work was exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad: in Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Germany, USA, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Lebanon. I received the award of the 1st Youth Salon, Sisak/CZK, Sisak, 2000, award of the 26th Youth Salon, Zagreb, 2001 and the AICA award at the 36th Zagreb Salon.