Roce Canibal (ES)

Roce Canibal [Ce Quimera + Roger Rabbitch] arose from collaborations carried out during 2017 for the Trans*Plant project of Quimera Rosa: Trans*Plant: May the chlorophyll be with/in you, Kapelica Gallery and Trans*Plant connecting with mycorrhiza intranet, an interactive installation at ETOPIA Center of Art and Technology, Zaragoza. In 2018 a performance Marikonas Hardkore, in Tattoo Circus Madrid.

Ce Quimera
Co-founder of Quimera Rosa, a lab that researches and experiments on body, technology and identities. Its work is currently focused on the creation of transdisciplinary projects and biohacking experiments from a transfeminist perspective. QR was initiated in Barcelona in 2008, and its work has been presented in art centers, museums such as Reina Sofía Museum, MACBA, National Theatre Montpellier, Goldsmiths University, University of California Davis, etc.

Roger Rabbitch
Trans performer interested in mutant processes, sexuality and cooking. In their work, they try to generate hybrid performances in which they combine body, food and pleasures with a critical eye on the normalization processes of the body. They have collaborated with Marikonas Hardkore, Fuck the Fascism and Crapulismo Ilustrado and is part of the organization of the transfeminist BDSM festival in Barcelona.