Saša Spačal (SI) 7K: new life form

Installation, 2010

Welcome to the technobiosphere, a place full of proliferating microscopic life which is invisible to the naked eye yet so important for everything that exists and evolves. Life is no longer just a biological category.

7K: new life form is an interactive audio visual art installation in which visitors find themselves immersed in a unique techno-ecosystem. A world also inhabited by plant life, microscopic organisms and a strange new class of engineered nano-beings.7K’s vision of future reality features a custom-built photosynthesis chamber, electronic sensors and purpose-shot footage of life under the microscope to create an autonomous system in which visitors become active participants.

Human beings live in an organic environment that we classify as biological, sorting all living beings into six organic kingdoms; with our will to survive and procreate, we became the origin, the maker of another kingdom, a kingdom much less ecological, biological and organic; a kingdom of various material tools, mental concepts, social organizations, new ways of using concepts from nature, in short, a kingdom of technology. This kingdom has been evolving alongside us and has formed new life which grows by its own accord. Technology has a life that we explore, use and learn about just as we do with the organic kingdoms. We also use it to explore, communicate, upgrade, cultivate biological life that by now requires our intervention in order to survive and prosper. The two have become so intertwined that technology itself has become nature.

production team: Joby Harding, Tadej Droljc, Dr. Aleš Kladnik

Saša Spačal (SI)

Saša Spačal is a postmedia artist working at the intersection of the living systems research, contemporary and sound art. Her artistic research focuses on entanglements of the environment-culture continuum and planetary metabolism. By developing technological interfaces and relations with organic and mineral soil agents, she seeks to address the posthuman condition that involves mechanical, digital, and organic logic within biopolitics and necropolitics. Her work has been exhibited and performed at venues and festivals such as Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Prix Cube Exhibition (FR), Transmediale Festival (DE), Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR), Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (RUS), Onassis Cultural Center Athens (GR), Chronos Art Center (CHN), Eyebeam (USA), Cynetart Festival (DE), National Art Museum of China (CHN), Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (SI), Kapelica Gallery (SI), Device_art (CRO), Art Laboratory Berlin (DE), Kiblix Festival (SI), Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje (SI), Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (SRB), Lisboa Soa Festival (PT), Sonica Festival (SI). She has received various awards, including the Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention, nomination for the Prix Cube, and the New Technological Art Award.