Iva Ćurić (HR), Ana Horvat (HR) ELL_DRAFT

Environment, 2012

The body enters a totally darkened space filled with the sound of electricity. The sound of electricity represents in a symbolic way the invisible world of data transmission omnipresent in the surroundings in which we live, a transmission which to a great extent takes place via optical fibers, used for the fastest and most accurate transmission of digital signals. When the body enters the space, vibrations are created, the product of movement and speech, during which the optical fibers are activated, moving in different directions. The intensity and duration of the light and the movement of the fibers are determined by the intensity of vibrations from the foreign body in the room. Moving around the space, the body excites and carries out interaction with the luminescent fibers, and indirectly creates a spatial luminous drawing. With every body-sensor-fiber connection, a new spatial drawing is created, the duration and intensity are being determined by the body and its operations in the space. With every movement tracked by a sensor, the body keeps the drawing present. If the body ceases to be active, the drawing too will be passive − it disappears, turning into a dot. The process in which the drawing vanishes is visualized in the reduction of intensity in the fibers too, creating an impression that the drawing is receding into the distance, and in this way, vanishing in space.

technical support: Vedran Relja

Iva Ćurić (HR)

Iva Ćurić (b. 1984) graduated in art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, specializing in graphic arts in 2010. In 2006/2007, she also studied intaglio printing at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is active on the arts scene in the field of expanded graphics. Her artistic exploration focuses on collaboration with the fields of science and technology, with an emphasis on exploring perception, the relationship between the visible and the invisible, as well as topics of data, information and the media. Conceptually, her works problematize the notions of reality, illusion and absurdity. Her works have been exhibited in Croatia and abroad. She is a teaching assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.


Ana Horvat (HR)

Ana Horvat (1985) completed her degree course in electronic composition at the Music Academy in Zagreb, class of Zlatko Tanodi. To date she has composed music for electronics, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, film, performances and installations. Her compositions and the projects in which she has taken part have been presented in concerts and festivals, exhibition, workshops and discussions at home and abroad.