Marie Polakova (CZ), Jonathan Cremiuex (FI) MIMODEK

In nature, everything we lay our eyes on is either alive or serves as a basis for life. Trees aren’t just logs of wood stuck in the ground − they are complex living systems which themselves are part of yet another complex living system, the forest. The social structures of a city also function as living systems (and show attributes similar to those of the living systems found in nature).

However, although similarities between these two environments can be observed, the differences are significant. What is the essence of this difference between the natural world and man-made (urban) environments? What is “it” that we miss in our cities and find in nature? The above question inspired the creation of MIMODEK − dynamic and interactive artificial living system, which is based on the principles of the natural world yet “grows” from the fabric of the city. MIMODEK is, similarly to living systems found in nature, interconnected with its environment. It is site specific, formed by unique, location-related data sources, and by the behaviour of the visitors. Every installation evolves into a unique virtual “ecosystem” reflecting its location. MIMODEK thus highlights the delicate relation between human beings, their environment and their relation to the other living beings with which they coexist.

Marie Polakova (CZ)

Marie Poláková is an artist with a special interest in collaborative projects, where different disciplines of knowledge can intersect with intuitive perception and various art approaches. She is currently studying for her MA in interface cultures (Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria) and holds a BA in Digital Screen Arts from UCA, Farnham, UK. She had exhibited and performed in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria and Spain.,

Jonathan Cremiuex (FI)

Jonathan Cremieux is a designer/programmer with an interest in creative programming, generative graphics, interaction design and computer graphics. He holds an MA in new media (MediaLab Helsinki, Aalto University, Finland) and previously studied computer science (IUT2, Grenoble, France, and Napier University, Edinburgh, UK). His personal works emerge from the study of natural phenomena, the practice of old games and the observation of everyday life interactions.