Kristina Marić (HR) Duel

Interactive installation, 2015.

The interactive computer installation Duel consists of a video projection and a device shaped like a pistol. A human figure in life size appears on the projection, that is, the figure of the author. What is the reaction of the observer when he is faced with the work or the alter ego of the artist? Can the provocation of multidirectional communication have any effect? The depiction of the figure of the artist is exposed to the virtual violence of the audience. Is there anything dangerous in the aesthetic pleasure of a kind of assault against a work of art? Does this kind of interaction produce excitement and satisfaction or perhaps uncertainty and repulsion?

The work results from the collaboration of various disciplines. The theme of the relation of man and machine is shown from the perspective of visual art and computer programming. The picture obtained is in a sense a synthesis of mathematical calculation and the element of electronic communication is an important feature of this multimedia set-up. What is the observer’s attitude to the work of visual art while s/he is standing in front of it and wanting to work out the point? Do they feel exposed and vulnerable, or do they take up a dominant position?

The paradoxical duel of spectator and work is a conflict with no winner or loser. Each side has a particular kind of advantage over the other. The person in real space has the weapon to destroy the other and the ability to walk away, while the person in virtual space can exist eternally and constantly be regenerated.

This work is a duel between two oppositions: the virtual and real world and artistic and viewer. The question arises as to who wins – art or reality?

Kristina Marić (HR)

Kristina Marić is a multimedia artist born in 1990 in Đakovo. She took her degree at the Art Academy in Osijek, in the multimedia module, and took a master’s in educational visual culture. She is actively involved into research in various media, mainly video, photograph and theatre design. She won a commendation for the best work in multimedia in the school year 2013/2014. In 2013 she had a grant for a residence in the Art Quarter in Budapest. She is a member of the artists’ association HDLU in Osijek. She has exhibited at exhibitions and festivals in Croatia and abroad. At the beginning of academic 2013/2014 she started working as a practical assistant at the Art Academy in Osijek in the puppet technology course of the bachelor’s course in acting and puppetry.