Vitar Drinković (HR) Hugging sculpture

interactive sculpture, 2015

At the current time of overload, hurry and scurry, rivalry and interpersonal alienation it seems that we are in want of genuine connection and attention. Human behavior is marked by the paradox of a profound split between introversion and the need to belong. Fear of the real world and intense dwelling in the virtual lead to obliviousness to real communications and ways of how to renew it, how to take part.

Hugging Sculpture is an interactive sculpture that is started off by a person hugging it and pressing it against their body, or even leaning on it. The device responds to pressure by returning the hug and starting to vibrate.

Hugging a device and not a person is part of virtual communication. But still, this unfeeling object does belong to material reality and can contribute to the opening and display of real feelings and thoughts instead of hiding them. It can help real communication and reduce self-enclosure and introversion. A harmless and innocent game with a sculpture thus opens up the way to making our feelings and needs conscious. The idea that Hugging Sculpture is designed as a product that could be put on somewhere in business premises and that employees could use it to balance their emotional needs is a partially comical and cynical commentary on today’s society.


Vitar Drinković (HR)

Vitar Drinković was born in Zagreb, where he graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2008 and in 2014 in Animated Film and New Media from the same faculty. He has participated in student exchanges and residencies in USA, England, Czech Republic and France. His work lies at an intersection between technology, science and art. Over the last several years he has explored the ways of creating conditions for changing our perception of everyday reality. By employing different interactive sculptures, gadgets, inventions and installations as intermediaries of communication, he creates new contexts for the sensory and cognitive perception of the quotidian. He has exhibited in 18 solo and 48 collective exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, England, USA, Canada and France. He is the recipient of several awards, honors and scholarships.