The Shape of Sound


17—19 h

Klovićevi dvori Gallery (Zagreb)

The children’s workshop Shape of Sound is held in the context of the interactive audiovisual installation xx. In a fun way, via experiments, the wave nature of sound is shown and the link between electromagnetic and mechanical waves is explained. The understanding of sound as wave opens up many questions concerning its relationship with other physical phenomena – at sonic, pictorial and tangible levels. How is sound connected with magnets? And with waves? What is the difference between notes? Can we see sound? At the workshop, independent answers are arrived at with examples and proofs. The laws of physics are demonstrated in creative ways, and along with theory, fundamental mathematical thinking about waves is encouraged, for it is the basis for the understanding of sound. The goal of the workshop is a deeper understanding of sound. As well as understanding it as a phenomenon at the sensory level, we also grasp it at the physical – its constancy, variations and relations with other phenomena can be explained and visually represented.

Apply for workshop on e-mail adress or phone number:,
+385 (0) 91 720 39 63.
Applications are opened until October 2nd.
Number of participants is limited.

Mladen Tomić (HR)

Mladen Tomić was born in 1988 in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He enrolled in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in 2010, aviation major. Since 2014 he has worked for KONTEJNER, and spends his spare time putting to gether machines out of rejected and broken devices. He lives and works in Zagreb.