Kazuhiko Hachiya (JP) Thanks Tails

car tail, 1996

Thanks Tails are tails made for cars. They are ‘organs’ that express appreciation, in a way which is easy to understand: not verbally but by the gesture that is the wag of a dog's tail. I will consider this piece an artwork only when it has been manufactured. The project is progressing with the cooperation of car-related companies. The photograph shows a model that was added to a Smart car, in order to check the drivers’ response.

Kazuhiko Hachiya (JP)

Kazuhiko Hachiya is a media artist. A native of Saga, he was born on April 18 (appropriately enough, Invention Day), 1966. After graduating from the Faculty for Visual Communication Design, Kyushu Institute of Design, he worked for a consulting company, and started SMTV, a private TV station unit, as his art activity. His works includea special communication tool series, with the Inter Dis-communication Machine and Seeing Is Believing, as well as many with special functions, like AirBoard, a jet-powered skateboard, and OpenSky. The developer of PostPet e-mail software, he is a co-founder of PetWORKs Co., Ltd, engaging in the development and direction of PostPet-related software.

From 1993 he exhibited at solo and group shows in Japan and internationally (Spain, Taiwan, France, Turkey, UK, Germany, South Korea, USA, Portugal, Hungary, China). Among other awards he received Prix Ars Electronica ’96 - Honorary Mentions for Interactive Art category (for Inter Dis-Communication Machine), Prix Ars Electronica ’97 – Honorary Mentions for Interactive Art category ( for Seeing Is Believing), The Prix Ars Electronica ’98 – Award of Distinction for Net category (for PostPet). His works are included in collections of numerous museums, such as Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.