Analog moves

Afer the official opening of the Machines Are Not Alone exhibition, we invite you to our afterparty at Podmornica (Katran complex) where we'll treat you with a performance by our eclectic DJ duo Blažević & Боровић

B&B is a dance evening concept organized by two Croatian Funk Delegates - DJs Dr. Smeđi Šećer and Borovich. Connected through similar yet different aesthetics, they move away from the typical DJ set and mix seemingly totally unrelated genres. They bulid up their sonic stories upon personal sound libraries that are the result of many years of chasing eclectic dance vinyl. No B&B party can sound the same. Expect the unexpected. Selectors for selectors. Residents for residents. Selecting for you only all night long. They already have selected.

Blažević Obsessive-compulsive sonic archaeologist and expert of the record player technique, Dr. Smeđi Šećer is well know for his eclectic DJ sets. He comes equipped with strangest releases and combines the nightingales' mating songs with Columbian hard salsa, ghetto footwork, Ethiopian jazz and German mediation records. He is one of the few experts for Yugoslavian musical rarities of all kind. In his immense dance repertoire Yugođus! he played everything from the Slovenian big band jazz funk, to Croatian soul music, Bosnian disco; Serbian funk breakbeat and Macedonian folk dance. He earns his living from playing other people's music to unknown crowds and has done it for everyone and everywhere.

Боровић Supreme ear of The Funk Delegation Croatia, Borovich is your new favorite DJ. He carries along curiosities from all over the world - combined with Nenad's connoisseur taste and pop aesthetics, they open the door for an entirely new dimension. When you come to think that you have no idea how to move, that is the moment of entering the sonic disruption and catching the next moving train. From Nigerian electronica experiments to Chicago house and Italian pop crimes with funk backbeat, you are only one record away.


22—04 h

Podmornica (Katran kompleks), Radnička cesta 27, 10000 Zagreb