Moritz Simon Geist (DE) Vibrations

2021, audiovisual performance

Moritz Simon Geist created the robotic instrument, Vibrations, to play soothing, minimal music in a futuristic way using robotics. The installation is based on the instrument vibraphone, deconstructing the sound and the physical shape of this classic jazz instrument. The sound of the robot is generated by tuned aluminium bars, controlled by a complex distributed robotic actuator system.

The sound is multifaceted, ranging from gloomy chords to high and concise melodies. The compositions are influenced by composers like Terry Riley, John Adam, Steve Reich and Harry Partch.

During his EMAP - European Media Art Platform residency at Ars Electronica Center, Moritz Simon Geist created compositions with a generative composition algorithm, which are then played by the installation both in concert and in an exhibition environment.

None of the sounds in this instrument are played by humans, but by 36 small robotic actuators. The mechanics introduce slight variations in sound and rhythm, which are organic in contrast to calculated computer generated sounds. On the other hand, the robots are precise enough to play repetitive structures that no human could ever reproduce. This creates a new sound form (“robotic electronic music”) which is both organic and mechanical.

In Zagreb, the work is presented as a performance in which the robot and algorithms are manipulated by hand, exploring the symbiotic character of the installation.

Moritz Simon Geist (DE)

Moritz Simon Geist is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. He began his artistic practice because he wanted to invent the future of electronic music – with robots! His projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound installations. Over the past several years, his robotic instruments and performances have been shown at numerous European festivals and exhibitions, earning him numerous international awards. From 2015 to 2020, Geist lectured on the progression of technology and society at the Clive Davies Institute of the New York University in Berlin. He has a background in both classical music and robotics engineering, with an expertise in prototyping technologies and 3D printing. Geist lives and works in Dresden, Germany, where his workshop-studio is located.


Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)

20:00 & 21:00 h
The number of seats at the performance is limited and is held in two time slots. Reservations are required. Please email to Free admission