Darko Vukić (RS) Diagraming events over empty horizon

Key words: Diagram, Diagrammatic, Art, Theory, Practice, Event, Twist

This workshop is discussion oriented and material induced. First part is thought as presentation of content that will unlock pathways of possible orientation and navigation throughout. Accompanied by interlocution which will gradually include participants and foster their entanglement and variable involvement. Next stage deals with a construction of a collective diagram from inputs, linking the contents and ramifying it into different possible/applicable ways, into a transformable conduct structure that could change upon individual/collective apprehension and contribution to its development. The course will open the spectrum of diagrammatic arrays, fields of its applicability. From basic organizational ground level, through art, fiction, psychoanalytical, speculative, improvisational and musically implied schematic procedures of diagraming an event.

The focus will be mostly on art and research related diagrammatic practice/experiment as also on mental processes and diagram representations of a twist. Materials for introducing and practicing throughout will include video, imagery and portions of text. Also, considering the relation of the manual-technical character of diagrams, drawing could be expected/possible, either by hand or by any device.

Darko Vukić (RS)

Darko Vukić (1992, Serbia); visual artist and researcher. Graduated at Transmedia Research and Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) Belgrade, currently a PhD student. He is a member of the New Centre for Research & Practice. Exhibited numerous times in solo and group shows and also presented his works through festivals locally and abroad. Contributed to the course Temporalization in Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory Department, FFA; Guest lecturer on the course: Facing the Art, FUD UJEP, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. He is a curator of the Prosthetic Pavilion for The Wrong – a new digital art biennale, third and fourth edition. Publishes texts and visual interventions in magazines for art and architecture. Continuously active in the fields of visual art, theory and hybrid practices. His recent practice is oriented towards textual experimentation, theory-fiction, and the ways in which those texts could be vocally manipulated into sonic hallucinatory space installation.