Antonija Bačić (HR) Sehnsucht

Spatial installation, objects; 2019

Sehnsucht (German pronunciation: [ˈzeːnˌzʊxt]) is a German noun translated as longing, pining, yearning or craving. Some psychologists use the word Sehnsucht to represent thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished or imperfect, paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences.

The search for something that is unreal and impalpable results in a constant re-examination and formation of the self. The only constant in these relations is the imagined world in my head and the character that I re-animate. The space is irregularly divided by large pieces of white fabric, and in the narrowest and most distant part there are small speakers from which it is possible to hear a sound only when you get closer to that part of the space.

Bits of this invisible, untouchable relation are shown in the video projected on the cloth that divides the space. In the space there are beanbags covered in some soft fabric and everyday items of particular significance made of soft material in shades of pink, for example, a crate of beer and a pack of cigarettes. The dreamy setting slides away out of reality and creates a world of dream and fancy, imagination and reverie. It presents the emotion, the condition and the concept of non-existence with the intangible telling of a story. As if something were missing, and yet it has never been.

Co-production: KONTEJNER
Technical associate: Mateo Tomašević

Antonija Bačić (HR)

Antonia Bačić is a visual artist who was born in 1989 in Zagreb, where she graduated with the subject of animated film and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts. She also did a first degree course in advertising and market communications at the Agora Polytechnic, and is currently working as a graphic designer, and taking part in the organisation of the international graffiti festival Graffiti na Gradele. She has shown her work at a number of collective exhibitions and is a member of HDLU.