Sexual Solidarity Act Ulješure (HR)

Dinner – Eating People

Sexual Solidarity Act aims at shifting the focus from the ruling ideologies governing laws to the one element that creates them – the collective unconscious and its unlimited realm of insanity. At the conceptual level this work considers the legal system as one of the products of imbalanced human psyche, taken to the absurd; this idea takes shape in the very text of the Act, the idea is formulated in the text of the law, which becomes a tangible manifestation of the collective mechanism of repression and also a negative transformation of an initially positive ideology. Cloaked in humanistic ideals, the Act leads us to believe that this is our liberation, but we should bear in mind that saying “yes” to sex does not mean saying “no” to power, on the contrary, it increases the activity and generation of control.


Ulješure (HR)

Ulješure collective was established in 2016, when five girls decided to embark on a journey of joint creation, because everything is better in fives! The name Ulješure (Croatian name for sperm whales) was formed spontaneously, and the Sexual Solidarity Act is the collective’s first project.