The exhibition "Living Systems – Concepts of Natural and Artificial Otherness in Collective Habitats" presents an intriguing amalgam of artistic visions and scientific concepts that explore the evolution of man and the environment. Inspired by latest research and achievements in natural sciences and technologies, the exhibition provides an opportunity for delving deeper into the holobiontic paradigm, which considers species as complex ecosystems and emphasises an interdependence of all beings.

Ticket information:
Single ticket for the exhibition Living Systems – Concepts of Natural and Artificial Otherness in Collective Habitats (October 17 - 29) - €5
Combined ticket for the Living Systems and Extended Worlds exhibitions - €7

All the works in the exhibition have been produced in the framework of the European platform dedicated to media art (EMAP – European Media Art Platform), bringing together fifteen European and one visiting world organization and institution specialised in media, bio and robotic art. Through a residency programme for emerging European artists, EMAP produces and distributes over forty complex new works in a three-year period.

These art projects explore exciting and innovative ways of interacting with the natural environment, rethinking the human body as a resource of materials and energy for recycling, as well as an important link in evolutionary survival once the anticipated changes on Earth have come to pass.

By experimenting with the collective habitat, the artists pose the question of sustainability and adaptation, encouraging reflection on future forms of social organisation. In addition, the digital expansion of the human family and the development of smart communication interfaces open up spaces for reflection on the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships. The concepts, models and theories the artists present in their works, though poetic and grounded in fiction and imagination, provide novel, fresh perspectives on life and the world. Creatively employing and interpreting a theoretical or scientific framework, and transposing archives of historical knowledge and current technological possibilities into futuristic visions, they engender sensorially rich, immersive and comprehensive insights, pointing to the interconnectedness of biological, philosophical, ecological, social and political spheres.

Curators: Tereza Teklić and Olga Majcen Linn (KONTEJNER)

EMAP network partners are: Ars Electronica (AT), Antre Peaux (FR), CIKE (SK), gnration (PT), iMAL (BE), IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL), Kersnikova Institute [Kapelica Gallery] (SI), KONTEJNER (HR), LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES), m-cult (FI), NeMe (CY), Onassis Stegi (GR), RIXC Centre for New Media Culture (LV), WRO Art Center (PL), Werkleitz Centre for Media Art (DE), with guest partners FACT (UK) in 2022, Hexagram (CA) in 2023 and ISSS - Indonesia Space Science Society / HONF Foundation (ID) in 2024.

Project concept: KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis
Production and organisation: KONTEJNER, Tena Kovačić, Nina Maštruko
Exhibition set-up design: William Linn
Technical coordination: Filip Pacak, Andrija Santro
Technical realization: Igor Ivanković, William Linn, Srđan Milanja, Dino Mudrić, Sven Senečić, Domagoj Žunić
Communication, marketing and social media: Inesa Antić, Jadrana Ćurković
Visual identity: kuna zlatica
Photo documentation: Sanja Bistričić Srića
Translation: Andrea Rožić
Thanks to: Luka Antić, Nikola Babić, Igor Dražić, Hangtime Agency, Bojan Horvat, Dražen Karma, Muzej za umjetnost i obrt, Zoran Svrtan, Ana Škegro

Dorotea Dolinšek (SI)

Biosymbiotic Exoskeleton

  • #universe
  • #biomedia

Charlotte Jarvis (UK), Dr. Patricia Saragüeta (AR)

Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa

  • #installation
  • #transgender
  • #parents

So Kanno (DE/JP), Akihiro Kato (JP), ...


  • #robotics
  • #NFT

Kasia Molga (PL/UK)

How to Make an Ocean

  • #art-and-body
  • #pain
  • #sea

Paula Nishijima (BR/NL)

Plug-in Habitat

  • #architecture
  • #species

Marisa Satsia (CY)

Open Source Body – [Meta]fluidic gems and apparatus series

  • #DIY
  • #art-and-body
  • #laboratory

Maria Smigielska (PL/CH), CompMonks (CH)

Proteus 4.0

  • #interactive
  • #magnetic-field

Studio Above&Below (UK)

Meditative Cohabitation

  • #sound
  • #ecology
  • #species

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